Step-by-Step Guide to Buying DeltaPrana Tokens

1. Install MetaMask Wallet:

First, install the MetaMask wallet on your device. (learn inistallation)

2. Change Wallet Network : (How to change the network)

Change your wallet's network from Ethereum to BNB to enable you to purchase BNB on the BEP-20 platform.

3. Buy BNB:

Purchase BNB on the BEP-20 platform from your preferred exchange.

4. Follow the Tutorial Steps :

Visit and follow the steps provided in the tutorial video to purchase DPR tokens.

5. Add the Token to Your Wallet:

Get the token contract from the ICO site and add it to your MetaMask wallet to see your purchased tokens.

Visual Method Instruction

1 - Click on Ethereum main network

2 - Click on add network

3 - Click on BNB Smart Chain

And then click on confirm and select network switch option

4 - Purchase BNB on the BEP-20 platform from your preferred exchange.

5 - Click on the specified part

6 - In the browser, search for

7 - Click on wallet connect and connect your wallet to the site

8 - Enter the amount of BNB And then click on Buy DPR

9 -After purchasing DPR, you must enter the address contract as shown in the image below

10 - Click on the custom token

And just enter the contract address token below and click the import option

contract : 0x684eE86eB0a40326465efB1ef7Be355321e84090

You can now check your purchased tokens

How to make an ICO referral link ?

1 - You need to edit the text below as we showed.

Link :


Referral Link : BNB Address

You just need to put your BNB address at the end of the address

If you have any problems or questions, contact support